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  • My boys have all developed eczema on their cheeks at between 3 to 6 months of age.  It has gotten so bad at some points that it is weeping and very red and sore and we have tried many creams including medicated creams.  I was very excited to see that within hours of putting the necklace on my baby boy the rough patches on his cheeks started to look less red and dry and then it went completely away!!!  I know!!  I was surprized and VERY happy!!

    Melissa NielsenMommy Knowz
  • I say Hazelwood provided a miraculous cure-all. There was a noticeable improvement in Baby E’s fussiness as well as my overall pain level (I have endometriosis) while wearing Healing Hazel products.

    NicoleMy Real Review
  • Miss A is still noticeably teething, although not drooling as much when wearing the necklace, and seemingly much less sensitive than when she does not have the necklace on. My mom thinks that her wrist (with the bracelet) is less painful and more mobile than it used to be, and that the swelling is somewhat reduced.

  • Mason is not bothered by wearing this necklace and seems to be a bit calmer when it’s on. I can also wrap it around his ankle when he sleeps as to keep it in constant contact with his skin without fear of chocking. I also noticed there was less drooling when Mason was wearing the Amber necklaces.

    Elizabeth PyoCustomer
  • I noticed and immediate difference in Vinnie’s eczema and determined that we would keep buying the necklaces. I believe in Healing Hazel. I have seen first hand the effects it has for my son’s problem. Beaked Hazelwood definitly helps to clear his eczema, which is related to food allergies, fevers and environmental allergies.

    Stephanie Ann GoetschCustomer
  • The HazelAmber necklace has really helped Benjamin during his teething. He has seven teeth and is working on his eight tooth. The HazelAmber necklace has made him less crabby and it seems like he is in less pain than normal.

    ChasityEvery Child is a Blessing

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