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Mission & Values


Healing Hazel commits to supply superior-quality, security and aesthetic products. The whole team works together to offer necklaces and bracelets to reach all of the expectations of our clientele. Our products evolved a lot over the years. Since we receive many positive and constructive comments from our loyal customers, we always try to bring all of the adjustments accordingly.

We are convinced that in a world with several options for the relief and/or the cure, nature and the products near it are one of the best options which a lot of people turn to daily for their well- being.

Mission & Values


Healing Hazel offers superior quality for our three ranges of products. We wish to pursue optimal product development and always offer new options of alternative holistic care to its customers. Our new lines, Hazel & Amber, as well as 100 % Baltic Amber are original and keeps satisfying our clientele every day.

It is obvious that markets must evolve over time. This is why it is important for us to pursue the research and development of new products and to present original, innovative and effective items. The launch of the 100 % Baltic Amber and Hazel & Amber products testify to the company’s will to remain the leader in its domain.

Furthermore, Healing Hazel has plans to expand in North America and in Europe, to fulfill the growing demand for natural products. Because hazel wood helped our family , we are convinced that it can help many others. This belief urges us to increase our distribution points.



At Healing Hazel, we believe in a respectful outlook on life. Whether it be with our clients, employees or ourselves, it is highly important to us.

Health and well-being

Health and well-being are the core values of our company. We believe in the benefits natural products have on the quality of life of people and on their health.

We also favor the well-being of our employees. A good working environment is crucial for us and all our products are proudly made in Canada.

Quality and security

We are extremely cautious of the quality of the products we offer. It is for that reason that a particular attention is given in all the stages of the preparation process. The selection of hazel tree branches, which are freshly picked to then be transformed into small pieces of wood, to the complete safety tests that are made on every finished product. With these tests, we make sure that our necklaces can be worn by babies and children with the highest safety standards.

4 things you should know when buying a necklace:

1. 1. Choose the right length for your baby; the necklace should never go further than the bottom of the chin. The width of 2 fingers is sufficient between the neck and the necklace;

2. Our necklace hook is safe, It does not unscrew and it is soft for the baby’s neck.

3. 3. Make sure that there is enough space between the beads, this allows for the wood to expand overtime without splitting.

4. Our hazel wood covers the beads completely for greater sturdiness and safety.

Keep in mind that with Healing Hazel, the hazel wood touches the skin for superior quality and security.

We carry the same concerns for details when we make our Amber and Hazel wood products.

Social engagement

We cannot deny the contribution of Native peoples in a company like ours. Indeed, their culture and customs taught us what benefits we could get from the hazel tree; using it themselves for generations. That is why Healing Hazel set up a policy on hiring Natives, with the aim of giving back a part of the gift which they offered us: the discovery of the Hazel tree. At present time, the company has made a commitment to hire a minimum of 20 % of autochthonous employees within the company.

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