Understanding How Amber Necklaces Work

Understanding How Amber Necklaces Work
May 18, 2017 Jeremie

Like most parents, you may probably be searching for something that will help your teething baby overcome the nagging teething pain. After all, teething can be a painful experience for both baby and parents and thus ensuring this milestone isn’t too rough for everyone.

You may have heard from another mom about amber necklaces to help your teething little one feel better fast. Although these necklaces have increasingly become a popular solution for teething pain in North America, they have been used for decades in Europe. They can easily be found at most pharmacies there.

Prior to delving into specifics on how amber necklaces work, it is also important to know what exactly are amber necklaces so that you can get a better understanding of how these necklaces work.

What exactly are amber necklaces?

Amber necklaces are teething necklaces made from Baltic amber, which is a fossilized resin of trees believed to have abundant healing properties. The type of amber featured in these necklaces is specifically derived from areas surrounding the Baltic Sea, which is situated in Europe.

Which is the main purpose of amber necklaces?

Historically, amber is known for its abundant medicinal properties. Some of its traditional uses include curing blindness, heals sprains and treating a host of painful ailments. Since babies can’t use amber orally, amber necklaces are thus made to provide natural relief to teething pain, by allowing the body to get the requisite pain-fighting properties through the skin. That is why these necklaces are regarded as relatively safe especially for young babies. Their main purpose is to act as a natural painkiller for children.

How do amber necklaces work?

Ideally, amber necklaces are worn against the skin of the teething babies, toddlers as well as adults, to enable the body to absorb all the healing properties contained in amber once they are warmed by the skin. These properties help with easing the pain attributed to growing teeth once absorbed by the body.

Amber is loaded with natural anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties are recognized by allopathic medicine as a powerful and highly effective natural analgesic (pain reliever), which can help relieve a wide range of painful conditions. Testimonials obtained from hundreds pf people who have previously bought amber products got relief from teething, hormonal headaches, skin rashes and joint pain among other painful ailments.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, amber is particularly known to aid with easing pain associated with growing teeth, as well as easing joint and bone pain.

Amber is also well-known for being an abundant source of succinic acid, a natural substance present in the human body and nature. It acts as both an analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Succinic acid is clinically proven to have an analgesic effect on several painful conditions such as swollen sore gums. Today, succinic acid is chemically manufactured for use in the manufacturing of various immune system medications alongside several other applications.

Basically, using amber necklaces and bracelets is pretty easy. Wearing them on the skin can have a soothing and calming effect on teething babies and toddlers and adults.  Once the necklaces come into contact with the skin, its natural heat then warm all analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties present in the amber beads. As a result, they get absorbed in the body thus providing relieve for pain.

Are amber necklaces safe for my kid?


First thing to consider is sizing. Necklaces should never be long enough to go above your child’s chin, and you should be able to fit a “2 finger space” between neck and necklace for comfort. Like absolutely any product for children, parent supervision is key. Please remove the necklace at night since there isn’t parental supervision is also important. Both Hazelwood and Balticamber will release with a <15lbs pressure, per CPSC requirement & safety standards. This necklace is never to be used as a chewing or teething toy. We are happy to provide our third lab tested certifications upon request.

Amber necklaces can provide a great way of soothing the nagging teething pain that all babies and toddlers go through. Most importantly, they can provide an excellent way for your little to get the many health benefits of amber, naturally. Since Baltic amber is a natural source of anti-inflammatory benefits and has no chemicals added, there are no risk of side effect like oral medications and gels. It is a gentle, natural & effective option for your little one.

Where can I purchase an amber necklace?

Amber necklaces are commonly found in countries such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland and all of Eastern Europe. Now thanks to Healing Hazel, Baltic amber necklaces are sold in baby boutiques, health markets, local pharmacies and gift shops among other places all over the US and Canada. Before buying an amber necklace for your little one, ensure the beads are made from authentic Baltic amber. Healing Hazel’s beads are certified by the highest authority in the Gemological world, the GIA. When you purchase from our website or partnered retailers, you can rest assured you are getting true amber.

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