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Become an Ambassador

Want to become one of our brand ambassadors ?

Thank you for your interest in representing our brand.

Brand ambassadors will receive 4-12 FREE products per calendar year and will be the first to try the new collections.

  • Already have an online presence on diverse social medias
  • Two posts per week on Social Medias to create a nice buzz with our collaboration
  • Hashtags necessary on ALL Healing Hazel related posts #healinghazelbaby #happyteething
  • One “shout out” directly to brand once a month (ie. “Baby A loves her new Balticamber & gemstones necklace! Did you know Healing Hazel’s amber is certified authentic by the Gemology Institute of America? The only brand we trust!”)

* Please note that not everyone who applies will become a brand ambassador.

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  • For example: how many monthly readers or followers do you have? What are your username for each social platform you use?
  • Please verify that you are a human.

Thank You & Good Luck!