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About us

Healing Hazel was founded in the early 90’s by Sylvie Langlois. Later on, with her son Mathieu Simard, they officially launched the company as you know it today. Their main goal is to promote a product that largely helped them in the past. Indeed, it is Sylvie who noticed first-hand the advantages of the hazel tree, a natural remedy used for a long time by Native Americans. Like most, she was sceptical when she first received a hazel necklace, but the results spoke for themselves. From that moment, she was determined to share her new passion for hazel trees and their benefits.


Sylvie Langlois

"Hi, my name is Sylvie Langlois, president of Healing Hazel. Discovering the hazel wood and their benefits led me to create my own company. That is why I began to make my own necklaces, with the help of my father, in our spare time. At that time, we were only selling them to our family and friends and we received very positive comments. This is what encouraged us to continue. Year by year, we perfected the quality of our products, we have improved our methods and how we have developed new products. We always have in mind the originality and the aesthetics of our products.

The early 90s was a decisive time for us. We had been encouraged to sell our products at the Familiprix in our region by their manager at the time, Denise.

This was solely a part-time project for me, until my position was absorbed and I was without work. That event was a decisive moment in the foundation of my company. Indeed, in 2004, having lost the job which I occupied for several years, I decided to officially start my own business … And I have never regretted it!

I greatly value the importance of physical exercise and a healthy lifestyle. I have been a vegetarian (practically vegan) for 25 years, enjoy working out daily, and consume supplements of high quality, giving me all the energy I need to face very busy days! By combining my passion for natural products with hazel wood, and my desire to maintain and promote a healthy lifestyle, Healing Hazel was born!"


Mathieu Simard

"I am Mathieu, co-owner of Healing Hazel. My relationship with hazel wood necklaces goes back many years; my mother had me wear one since I was 4 months old! She had received it as a present from a Native American friend. I remember my sister and I wearing them all the time. Later on, in our adolescence, we loved going for excursions in the forest to gather some hazel wood. We would walk along our family dog, Compass, in search of the most beautiful pieces of hazel tree we could find.

It is thus with a lot of pride and spirit that I joined my mother in the making of this natural product. Nowadays, I travel all over North America to promote Healing Hazel. My goal for our company is to gain exposure and recognition in different expos for children products, so that our brand can be distributed and available all over the world!"

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